The Cincinnati Quilt Project

Click on a section of the quilt below to read about the
person who helped stitch it. 

About The Project

My name is Gabrielle, and this is my capstone project. I wanted to take this opportunity to explore the concepts that I envision myself building my career on. When I started school, I expected to graduate with a job designing consumer goods or consulting on classic industrial design projects. During my time in class and on co-ops I discovered a passion for fabrication, community, and sharing the skills I’ve been able to build throughout the last five years. I want my capstone project to encourage interaction and discourse within and across communities.

The Cincinnati Quilt Project delivers a physical quilt that was hand-stitched by members of the Cincinnati community, a library of valuable stories and experiences from those members, and a context that links them together. Quilting is a skill that has traditionally been handed down from mother to daughter. It is an activity that would bring groups of people together during quilting bees or church events. This project is a formalization of an activity that has occurred for decades across a wide variety of groups.

I hope to create something that has a clear value to the people who look at it. Read the stories. Look at the quilt in person if you can. Take away something you didn’t know before.

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